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United Kingdom

Brexit opportunity or disaster for international tradeBrexit? Disaster or opportunity!

The thread of a Brexit requires you to act in order to preserve and expand your current business. Whatever your reasoning maybe, a Brexit (we still have to see it may actually happen) is going to have a negative effect on companies business in the UK in the remaining EU and possibly in international areas. If only for the fact that the UK market, export opportunities into Europe, will become instantly smaller with many more restrictions, difficulties such as customs etc. to carry out a company's business and will, of course, cause a reduction in business, profits and returns. The same applies to EU companies that are currently heavily depending upon exporting and importing goods from the UK. Trump is promising a closer trade-connection with the UK when they are out of the EU, but what can Trump offer in addition to what he is offering now? Is he suddenly going to buy more soja beans (back) from the UK? Of course not. He can only offer reduced rates but more imports from the UK into the US would dilute his own market again. Brexit would mean an enormous destruction of capital, goodwill, that has been created over the years that the EU-UK relationship was built. There is only one alternative left for both companies in the UK and the EU and that is to seek new markets. For the EU this could also mean to find new potential countries that could join the EU. For the UK the Commonwealth, particularly India, probably means the best opportunity to compensate for the losses through leaving the EU. It is sad to see how Mr. Johnson is using Mrs. May to clean up the mess that he created by his expressed desire to leave the EU. He will introduce himself later after the Brexit of course as the winner, and takes over. We wish Mrs. May well.

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